2015 marks the 25th year of MorrisSwitzer's commitment to healthcare design.


MorrisSwitzer Designs Space for Groundbreaking MRI Technology at Beverly Hospital
MorrisSwitzer Designs Space for Groundbr

Danvers, MA - The first of its kind in North America, Beverly Hospital at Danvers will soon open a new Phillips In-Bore MRI and Ambient Experience. MorrisSwitzer~Environments for Health worked closely with the hospital and Philips engineers to fully understand the unique architectural, engineering, and construction challenges for system, while creating a space designed to maximize the technology and create a calming patient experience.

The MRI experience can be stress inducing for many, cramped spaces and loud noises combined with medical anxiety led to Beverly Hospital reporting that 10-15% of patients were unable to complete MRI exams. The Philips in-bore Ambient Experience MRI machine integrates soothing music, lights, and imagery both in the room and inside the machine, giving patients the opportunity to customize their experience, and reduce stress.

The MRI room is specially designed to adapt this technology to US standards and integrate it into the patient experience. MorrisSwitzer worked closely with Beverly Hospital to create efficient and seamless storage, maximize the visibility for the MRI technicians, and create a soothing atmosphere where technology and patient comfort intersect.


University of Vermont Medical Center
University of Vermont Medical Center

In response to growing demands, Unviersity of Vermont Medical Center formerly Fletcher Allen, will undergo an inpatient bed replacement. The new design includes up to 4 inpatient floors and 128 private rooms.

Each private patient room is being designed with a medical/surgical telemetry bed and enhanced monitoring capability. These technologically sophisticated rooms will cut down on patient transfers, assist with infection control, and vastly improve the patient experience by increasing privacy and reducing noise. Patient rooms will also include space for supporting family members as well as ample natural light.

MorrisSwitzer has a 25 year relationship with Fletcher Allen and has worked in nearly every department of the hospital.

Research &

Healthcare Design Features Cohen Children's Hospital
Healthcare Design Features Cohen Childre

The new addition to Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York is located on the North Shore Long Island Jewish campus. The parcel was bound by campus roadways and the existing children's hospital, which led to the building's angular shape. This orientation also serves to provide greater access to natural light for new and existing patient rooms. 

On the Boards

Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology Research
Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotec

The Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology Research is located at the VAMC in Providence, RI and is run in partnership with Brown University. The multi-floor addition project includes dry labs, offices for staff and graduate students, conference space, mechanical and electrical infrastructure updates, and storage.  The forward thinking exterior complements the existing 1990’s Research Building and reflects the breakthrough scientific research being used to develop technology that will serve returning Veterans.